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Biosynthetic hydrogel material for 3D cell culture and tissue engineering


Ferentis has developed a unique biosynthetic tissue matrix technology that has a wide range of applications in cell culture and tissue engineering.  It is based on proprietary hydrogel formulations that combine the best of polymer science and cell biology, to create constructs that mimic the extracellular matrix (ECM). Depending on research application, we can offer several formulations of hydrogel, ranging from collagen-based to collagen-mimetic-peptide (CMP) based hydrogels. Please see our
Guide to Choosing Hydrogel Material.

Key features of Ferentis hydrogels


  • Natural 3-D architecture of highly crosslinked biosynthetic hydrogel (CMP)
  • Chemically and physically defined (CMP)
  • Non-animal origin, biosynthetic source (CMP)
  • Retains shape for microfabrication (micromoulding, micropatterning)
  • Easy to handle and transfer
  • Fully transparent for microscopy analysis
  • Supportive of the proliferation of human epithelial corneal cells (HCECs), skin fibroblasts and keratinocytes, astrocytes and microglia, neuronal differentiation and viability of brain slice cultures (see Application)



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