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Guide to Choosing Hydrogel Material


Collagen is the main compound of extracellular matrix and plays an important role in tissue development and structural integrity maintenance. Our products are made of two types of basic material: porcine collagen and synthetic collagen mimetic peptide conjugated to polyethylene glycol. This table is compiled to help you choose the right material for your study.


Porcine collagen (PC)
Collagen mimetic peptide (CMP)
Synthetic, animal free
Main structural element Collagen Self-assembling peptide sequences from collagen
Structure Made of parallel collagen fibers with pores up to several µm
Forms a fibrillary net with nanopores up to 0.4 µm
Stiffer, more resistant to physical damage
Softer, needs to be handled with care
Transparency Transparent enough to visualize cells under brightfield and fluorescent microscope,
however, some larger pores are also visible under brightfield
Good resolution of cell images for both
brightfield and fluorescence
Both types can be easily molded to preferred shape
Patterning Both types can be patterned with molecules of choice
Composition modifications Additives can be mixed into the hydrogel, but not introduced into the structure core Bioactive sequences can be introduced into the structural core
Price Cheaper because of less complex production steps and cheaper source material More expensive material and process
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