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Ferentis Signs Japan Distribution Agreement with Tokyo Future Style

Published: 2016-06-08
June 06, 2016.  Vilnius, Lithuania.  Ferentis and Tokyo Future Style are pleased to announce having signed an agreement for distribution of Ferentis’ proprietary self-assembling peptide-based hydrogel products throughout Japan.
“We look forward to be working with Ferentis and introducing their novel biosynthetic matrix material technology which we believe will be attractive to our academic and industry customers in Japan.  Ferentis hydrogel products for cell and tissue culture have unique advantages as biologically relevant substrates for many in vitro research applications.  We believe our customers will find this material of interest also due its potential for clinical applications, says Mr. Takashi Endo, President and CEO of Tokyo Future Style, Inc.
Ferentis has developed a unique biosynthetic tissue matrix technology that has a wide range of applications in cell culture and tissue engineering.  Depending on research application, Ferentis can offer several formulations of hydrogel, ranging from collagen-based to collagen-mimetic-peptide (CMP) based hydrogels.  Because these crosslinked hydrogels retain shape, Ferentis can offer micromoulded or micropatterned surfaces of hydrogels to customer’s specifications.  Ferentis CMP hydrogels are based on proprietary peptides, which-self assemble into nanometer-scale fibrous structure.  This platform allows to custom-design specific sequences and/or formulations for different cell culture/tissue types.
“Tokyo Future Style has the expertise, flexibility and customer reach suitable for our niche technology, and therefore they are a great fit for selling our products. We look forward to a productive relationship,” says Vygandas Juras, Chief Executive Officer of Ferentis.
The products which Ferentis will offer to the Japanese market include ready-to-use affordable multiwell plate hydrogel inserts for cell culture, tissue slice culture kit and micromoulded hydrogel chips. To learn more about Ferentis’s technology and products, please visit or
Ferentis is a biotechnology company involved in the development, production and commercialisation of biomimetic peptides and peptide-based scaffolds for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications.  It is based in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Tokyo Future Style, Inc.
Tokyo Future Style, Inc. is an international trading and marketing company located in the Tokyo area. TFS mission is to market and distribute novel new products and services from foreign biotech companies to academic and government institutions, and to research and development laboratories of major pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biotech companies in Japan.
Vygandas Juras
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